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Personal Life Coaching Sessions

 The purpose of retaining a life coach is to help you progress in what you are trying to create for yourself. It is important that you have a coach that will lead you in a positive direction and help you continue to move forward.  Almost everyone has someone in life that they trust to give them advice, that person can be their parents, friends, or teachers, and it is up to the individual to make sure their mentor is not leading them into a place they shouldn’t be.  A Life Coach helps you hold yourself accountable, review what you are learning, set boundaries and create time lines to ensure your success.  With your life coach, you will learn how to integrate a purpose into your life, better understand the process of communication, and also understand the different roles you play in your life.  Learning these skills and applying them to your life is an essential element of personal success and development.  Your life coach will help you keep your life simple, so you can focus on reaching your goals.


Personal sessions may be set up by  the hour.  In Value Based Coaching I help you, through your core values, set up goals and tools to help you develop skills to move forward through your life. 

Speaking Events: Marriage and Parenting (1 hour topics)

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"PMS- Perfect Mom Syndrome!"
Do you ever have those times when the “I must be a perfect mom”
syndrome kicks in? You know, the “I shouldn’t have forgotten Johnny’s lunch,
or I should have been more patient with Susie.” Stop PMSing!
Develop strategies to conquer the roller coaster of emotions and resist
your desire to sit on the couch and eat Bon-Bons, as an escape. Learn how by
embracing your imperfections can empower you and realize that
“Wonder Woman” ain’t got nothing on you!
Children...Sell ‘em or Keep ‘em?"
Let’s face it. As parents we have all had frustrating moments. Whether it is a
screaming and kicking child, scribbles on your wall, or perhaps you find two
racecars and your toothbrush in the toilet... During these moments the
thought may cross your mind, “Hmmmm, how much could I get for you on Ebay?”
(In my experience, Not enough!) Postpone the sale long enough
to gather key points on, how to calm the atmosphere in the home, stop a tantrum,
and realize your aspiring Picasso’s art on your walls is priceless.
"You are Grounded for LIFE!”
Parenting can be tough. Sometimes, it seems as if we will have to permanently
ground our children just to get them through graduation. I invite you to learn
the difference between a punishment and a consequence and why one is so much more
effective than the other.  Discover the most powerful motivator that will help you be a positive influence on your child while teaching them to self govern and experience the satisfaction of making responsible choices.
"Till Death Do Us Part... Really?"
So you are married, the honeymoon is over and three kids later you are asking
yourself, “Just how long is a lifetime?” Take a moment and discover how your
perception of yourself is affecting your perception of your spouse and your relationship. Take Take home helpful communication tips that are sure to help you and your spouse make your lifetime together not long enough.

Personal Growth Seminars

Level 1- Wakening

If you had the ability to remove from your life unnecessary emotional pain, How far would you be willing to go to do it? What would it do to your capacity to deal with necessary emotional pain? The level 1 seminar is designed to help you create the capacity to feel free from hurtful emotions and belief systems that have caused emotional discomfort. To help you rewrite the programming of your life that has caused you to disconnect or insulate yourself from emotional relationships. It also gives you the ability to implement healthy boundaries without hurting and cutting people out of your life. It would increase communication and deepen relationships, while giving you the ability to heal and nurture relationships that have been diminished. This seminar is recommended to anyone. If you are struggling in your marriage, relationships in your family, or you would like to feel better than you ever had. This is a safe and powerful way for you and your loved ones to attend a seminar that will help you reconnect and heal.

Level - Discernment

Discernment Level 2 is the second of a series of four seminars. This seminar gives you the ability to see yourself differently by challenging your belief systems that have held you hostage. It will help you with the ability to be at peace within your own skin and find a place of serenity. It will help you make your heart and mind a safe place to be. Level 2 also gives you the ability to tune in to your discernment and to use it more effectively as a guide and a mentor. It increases your spirituality, whatever spirituality you may have. It'll give you a deeper connection to your higher power.

Level 3- Balance

Balance Level 3 is the third of a series of four seminars. This seminar helps you create balance in your life by removing fear. It is designed to give you the ability, in a very safe environment, to challenge the fears that you've been hanging on to for most of your life. Fear has affected your ability to create deep, meaningful, long-lasting relationships or to just simply feel comfortable with in your own environment.

Level 4- Empowerment

Empowerment Level 4 is the last of four seminars. You will use what you have learned by changing the beliefs to create instant relief and direction. Level 4 gives you the ability to recognize where the belief systems come from, change them by using the tools you have gained from the last three seminars, as well as new tools provided in Level 4 change. It prepares you to move forward on your own to create powerful relationships, reaching dreams, and becoming the person you have known you are.


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