Jamie E. Lightner

2 Sisters' Misguided Manual to Motherhood


“Laugh with us, cry with us, pull your hair out with us, and enjoy the candid stories of two sleep-deprived, coffee-filled, almost gripped-with-insanity, but perfectly imperfect moms!”



About the book... 

Great news!  Even though your family had pizza for dinner three times this week, you ran over the diaper bag, you forgot to pack your Kindergartener’s lunch, you haven’t exercised in weeks, and your toddler flushed your toothbrush down the toilet and threw the biggest fit in the grocery store anyone ever saw, you can still be considered for the parent-of-the-year award!  (Well, not really, but only because there is no such thing.)  As fellow moms, we sisters are here to tell you there will be days your kids don’t follow the manuals they came with.  (Oh, wait, THOSE don’t exist either!) 

We parents often measure our success according to the goal of being perfect in every area of life, including the condition of our house, our baking talent, never forgetting anything important EVER (despite our hundreds of sticky-note reminders), and the flawless behavior of our children in every social situation.  But, what if our feeling of failure is simply…misguided?  It’s time to put down the mom-guilt “bat” we often beat ourselves up with and embrace our imperfections. This book is a collection of stories and a series of challenges that will help you realize that, although you are imperfect, you can still be the perfect parent your kid needs. 



Table of Contents


Part 1

PMS: Perfect Mother Syndrome

Lessons in the Art of Being Human

A Challenge for You

Part 2

OMG…LMBO(Oh My Gosh…Laugh My Butt Off)

Laughing at Motherhood’s Many Adventures

A Challenge for You

Part 3


From Baby Bump to Muffin Top and Rockin’ It

A Challenge for You

Part 4

I Need Chocolate…STAT

It’s Just Been One of Those Days

A Challenge for You

Part 5

God Said He Wouldn’t Put Me Through Anything I Couldn’t Handle

Does He Have Me Confused with Someone Else?

A Challenge for You

Part 6


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